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The Career and Job Service provides you with what you need to :

  • get your job. This service caters for jobs at all stages of a career.
  • get a promotion within your existing organisation
  • change jobs and develop your career
  • identify your strengths and help you to capitalise on them
  • help you to recognise your unique selling proposition
  • understand your weaknesses and help you to overcome them
  • build confidence in your competitive advantage
  • take you through a modular process and give you personal service to meet your specific needs
  • provide you with the opportunity for ongoing monitoring of your career progress

The Career and Job Service is conducted in 11 stages with supervision at every stage by your Terrific Mentor. Depending on your needs you and your Mentor can together decide whether you require the full service, or individual stages, or any combination of stages.

Introduction and method of working.
Lets you know how we will work together to get you the ideal job.

Complete the PASDAQ®
(Personality Abilities Skills Dreams Ambitions Qualifications)
This stage assesses your skills, temperament, aptitudes and helps you to discover which career will make you most successful. This major instrument has been developed over 25 years and has helped over 7,500 people to find the right career and job.
Learn more about the PASDAQ®
Determine Future Financial Needs
How much do you need for your old age? Here’s how to work it out.

Forming Your Career Plan
Do you have a Plan? You won’t achieve what you want unless you do.

Preparing your CV or Resume
Is your resume merely an HR record?
This shows you what it should be and gives you a model Resume to study.

Estimating your salary and terms.
Unless you know what you are worth, how can you evaluate an offer?

List organisations you want to work for.
Identifying the companies that meet your interest and those suitable for your knowledge, experience, skills and potential.

How to approach potential employers.
Drafting a model approach letter and then contacting the organisations you want to work for.

Prepare for and handle the interview
Are you good at interviews? Being interviewed is a learnable skill.

Negotiate your salary and terms
Are you ready for the most important negotiation of your career?

Review each interview and learn from it.
How successful was your interview? Each interview has a lot to teach us.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is this programme conducted?
You will have personal supervision by a Terrific Mentor at every stage of your Careers & Jobs Service, which is conducted online via email, by Skype or face-to-face.

I already completed the PASDAQ® separately, will I need to complete it again?
As long as you have completed the PASDAQ® recently, you won’t have to redo it for the Careers and Jobs Service.

Register Your Interest
To find out more, contact [email protected] for a discussion with no obligation.