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Handle Yourself and Other People

What matters most in how you handle yourself and other people?
How you react, of course. That means, how you react to both the things you have no control over and the things you do control. Your discipline depends on what you want to achieve. Venting and ranting, “letting off steam”, gives you a certain, immediate release. It is useless in paving the way to the future.

Do your relationships with your boss and senior management need improving?
Do you feel suitably challenged and recognized in your job?
Could you be better motivated?
Are you making good progress in your career?
When was the last time you were promoted or had a salary increase?

Do you find your colleagues political and difficult to deal with?
Do they play games?
Do you suspect them of sabotaging you?
Would you like them to be able to work more effectively with you?

Do you find dealing with some subordinates, customers, and suppliers tricky?
Do you wish there was someone you could turn to, to coach and help you with specific issues that ‘bug’ you and stand in the way of your success and happiness?
Is it difficult for you to approach other people, even those you know?
Do you dread ‘prospecting’ and ‘cold calls’?

Are you shy, awkward and tongue tied at functions and gatherings?
Are you fearful of drinks or office parties and small talk?
Is a lack of social skills holding you back in your career and personal life?

Do you find it hard to walk into a roomful of people without feeling embarrassed?
Do you flinch at the thought of having to make the first approach to someone?
Do you know how to ask questions and get people interested in you?

Everyone is different. A standard course may help but it won’t get to the core of your own problems and it won’t help you overcome them in the way best suited to your personality.

That’s why we take you through a series of role-plays written specially for you. We discover exactly what your problems and opportunities are. Together you and one of our Terrific Mentors will sort out how you handle them through a specially tailored programme just for you.

As it is a programme tailored to your needs, together we choose the order in which to tackle the opportunities and problems you have. Each of these will be dealt with by specially written role-plays. Our famous role-plays have proved extremely effective in changing people’s behaviour.

There is a large selection of role-plays as part of this service, and we will discuss with you the most appropriate ones to partake.

The role-plays will cover:
Who am I? Am I happy with who I see myself to be? How do other people see me? Does it matter?

How much attention should I pay to my image? When does sensible self-awareness become introspective and destructive naval-gazing?

Do I need to be loved by other people? If so, how many and who? And how much? And why?

Do I need to love other people? How? How much?

How much attention should I pay to other people? Why? Will I get thanked for my trouble? Does it matter?

How much fun am I entitled to get out of life? How shall I get it? How will it make me happy?

Will good manners help to make me happy? Mine? Other people’s?

How does asking questions improve my relationships? What questions should I ask? When?

What do jealousy and envy mean? What is the impact of them on other people and on me?

How can I share my happiness and get rid of my despair? Is happiness a destination or a journey?

Do I really care for who I care for? What is the meaning of care? Is caring a mirror, reflecting back what I give?

How can I feel good about myself rather than feeling sorry for myself?

How can I get my act together and stop being lonely?

How can I get started when I am lethargic and uninspired?

How can I avoid the damaging effects of hate? Both mine and other people’s?

Do I remind myself each morning that today is the first day of the rest of my life? How do I unpack my bags and start living?

How can I distinguish between thoughts that are constructive and those that are destructive?

How can I realise that my life is a triumph, not a struggle?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we run this service?
    In order to establish your needs as clearly as possible we start with an informal chat by Skype or face to face. There is no charge for this chat. We then decide how many role-play sessions you will need to change your behaviour. This is a thoroughly pragmatic decision made by you and us jointly. As an approximate guide, most people need between five and ten sessions.
    Please remember, this is a tailored programme, not a mechanical exercise.
  2. How long will it take?
    That depends on the number of sessions you will need. Five sessions can normally be done in three weeks. We’ll go as fast as you like but put you through as many role-plays as necessary. The programme ends when you are comfortable that you can handle yourself and other people better.

“I had a very rough time at (my previous employer); this engagement with you has helped me regain much focus & confidence.” AK, accountant

“I learned what it means to treat people well and the loyalty that results. I learned to trust my senior people and expect the most from them. I find, like you, that people live up to their expectations.” Management Trainer

“I learned that to be generous to an employee pays off very well in the end (the alternative is an utter disaster).” Senior Trainer

“Thanks so much for spending time to write such a detailed piece of advice. I really appreciate your help. I’ve spoken to the ‘elephant’ and his ‘bigger elephant’ on my problems with the snakes. (It took a lot of courage to speak up .. but I had become desperate) They have helped to specify our job scope clearly so that the work overlaps are minimised.” AL

“John has helped me put a plan of action in place to tackle this sensibly and less emotionally. I really appreciate you taking the time with me.” Senior Manager – promotion candidate

“I learned to identify and focus on the key issues facing the business, leaving aside the myriad small and obfuscating issues that can easily consume one’s day.” Trainer to the Armed Services

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