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What On Earth is Mentoring-Coaching?

People who know their own purpose in life understand their organisation’s purpose. They work more efficiently than those who have no clear life objective and who may move jobs more often. People with Purpose achieve the targets they are set, retain their loyalty to the company and develop better with the same firm. Mentoring helps people to define and reach their purpose. When they do so they achieve your purpose and your organisation’s, too. That’s why they are the happiest people in the world.

Mentoring-Coaching is part of what Terrific Mentors International does. It is enabling people to learn. What you learn may serve in situations like the one in which it was experienced but it needs assertive creativity to adapt it to new challenges. Experience can be useful – but it can also restrict development and growth.

Anyone who helps another human in any useful and legitimate way is a mentor. For this reason there are many different levels of mentoring. “A word of friendly advice” is a signal that someone is trying to mentor you. Listen to it, it may be valuable.

Terrific Mentoring is deeper than “A word in your ear”. It helps you with immediate problems and it also equips you to handle opportunities and problems yourself. It teaches you to frame vital questions, the answers to which will give you solutions both to today’s problems and opportunities and for future situations you encounter.

May we explain deep mentor-coaching and its lasting value? If you can make half an hour available, we will make the case. You may not have come across anything like it before.

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