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There are many incubators and business start-up teachers for the entrepreneur, young or old, to draw on. Our service is for those at the very first stage of thinking about turning their technology, invention or idea into a commercial operation. Reconnaissance and preparation at this stage pays off dramatically later on. In particular, we help you shape the consumer proposition (‘why?’), the market focus (‘who?’ and ‘where?’) and timing (when?) of your adventure. It is at this stage, too, that supplier terms, working partnership agreements and employee participation options must be shaped with both intent and practice spelt out.

Terrific Mentors International has experience of inventing products and services, of bringing them to market, of launching the Initial Public Offering (IPO) and of selling the business. We have been involved in business partnerships of all kinds and we are specialists in motivating and managing employees. We will tell you in what order to make the preparations for your business and see that each stage is swift but comprehensive. We will hold your hand through the early stages and remain a core advisor helping you choose the best partnerships.

The service includes studies of the following areas:
Your product(s) and/or services

  • Your Suppliers
  • Your Partners
  • Your Employees
  • Your Competitors
  • Your Financiers

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