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*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

Chad is intelligent and has always been an ambitious person, but he has never quite found his calling. He had tried his hand at various jobs, from sales to marketing to finance, but nothing seemed to give him the motivation he sought. He longed to be his own boss and run a business, but he just didn’t know where to start. He came to us.

There are many sides to starting a business – investigating the market, planning the purpose and product, obtaining reliable partners, raising money. It is possible to start a business on your own but only if you already have some experience of doing so. Starting a business for the first time you must have partners. If you do not, you will learn expensive lessons. You need help when selecting partner(s) and to maintain the partnership. Broken partnerships are the biggest single cause of new business failure.

Chad knew this but thought other matters – product, investment – were more important. Actually they aren’t. After one failed partnership Chad followed our programmes for establishing the right business for him and for making & maintaining partnerships in business startups. We helped him find his business purpose – to run private guided tours of South East Asia. We guided him through the process of acquiring and engaging partners who would last the course.

His business is flourishing, his partners stable and his investors are happy.

So is Chad.

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