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Life Purpose

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*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality
Sheila’s Civil Service career had been successful since her earliest Honours Degree – the first of three. Marriage, children, ageing parents and a busy banker husband had created the pressures they always do but her skill at economic forecasting had kept her near the top of the group of people her own age. With two respectable incomes she and Matt had educated their children to the same standard as their own. Their lifestyle was work with some socialising among a cosmopolitan group of friends. Everything had gone well but Sheila had a nagging feeling that she ought to do more for other people with her talents. The Government was a fair but impersonal employer. At 52 she decided to look around.

Money wasn’t the driver although she had to think of the years of retirement and less remunerative work. Inflation was a new experience she hadn’t bargained for. Her husband was starting to suffer from a minor but persistent health problem. His energetic business life would have to slow down somewhat. There were several people below him reaching for his job. When we asked her what her purpose was she said “to give something back” – a wish people often have when they consider they have been fortunate.

Her original thought had been charity. She had looked at the possibility and seen that the environment of charitable groups wasn’t to her liking. She enjoyed work but hated meetings. If she was going to give something back she wanted her time to be useful, not windy. We asked her what she thought her purpose was. She replied, very sensibly, to be happy and useful. We all want that, don’t we? We asked her who she was. She said ‘a competent, diligent and reasonably intelligent person who cared about others’. We asked if there was something specific that would make her satisfied with her life if she could achieve it. She said ‘to lift a million people out of poverty’. We said ‘how about a hundred?’

It was clear that Sheila’s next objective was not clear to her. We call it “The Tree on the other side of the Field”. When you find it, you know where you are going, you have a purpose. Our PASDAQ® programme reveals your Personality, Abilities, Skills, Dreams, Ambitions and Qualifications. Sheila did it and from the Post-PASDAQ® Sessions learnt where her Tree is.

Her partnership with a medical group providing ‘care for the forgotten’ gives her really rewarding work to do, a chance to strategise a new form of help and the satisfaction that she is needed. Her shares in the business provide a supplement to her income.

She is a happy lady.

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