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Commenting on another country’s politics needs to be done carefully and politely. The commentator is seldom fully informed and the rant juices are often overcharged. This applies to the present situation in the United States. Even though I am half American my knowledge of the US political scene is limited, so I make my suggestion humbly. I wouldn’t make it at all but for one important fact. The impending US election is not only for the President of the United States. It is for the President of the Democratic World.

President Biden’s policies have been good by any standards. If we all hoped for more it is because of the daunting responsibility we recognise that the US has for policing the world . It is simply not doable in one President’s term of office. Unfortunately the business of leadership requires public presentation of agility, flexibility and quick thinking. These may not always be the basis of good decision making but they are inevitably the basis of political impact. President Biden no longer has these attributes for his leadership role.

It is late in the campaign to replace him. The obvious candidate is Kamala Harris, the Vice-President. For reasons not, I think, entirely her fault, she has not presented a strong and decisive leadership trait. Any lack of strength is unacceptable in the confused and virulent world in which the President must play a major part. So is any lack of international awareness. The President of the Democratic World cannot be largely unknown outside America.

An international figure, known to be tough but diplomatic and able to command respect beyond the shores of the American continent limits the choice. Happily there is one person who can do the job. She has vicarious, but remarkably direct, experience of it and she is personable enough to deal with Presidents across both the democratic and the non-democratic world. Her name is a household word, her face an established source of confidence, her words, those of a determined mother and spouse. She is Michelle Obama.

A quick exchange of Michelle Obama for President Biden in the run up to the US Presidential election would see Aspiring President Trump off once and for all.

The United States of America should make the change quickly and graciously.

We will all sleep a little better when it does.

Good morning

John Bittleston

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09 July 2024