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The Daily Paradox

Purpose in Life – Part 2

Of twenty-six subjects suggested to those who attended the most recent Drink & Think Soiree, Purpose in Life came out top. It is something we have been working on for over thirty years, ever since the first PASDAQ® was created. PASDAQ® is a programme to discover your purpose in life. It stands for Personality, Abilities, Skills, Dreams, Ambitions, Qualifications.


To achieve this it explores who you are through a depth inquiry of approximately one hundred open-ended questions you will not find elsewhere. It turns who you are, plus the skills your PASDAQ® identifies, into a purpose you can realistically aim for.


Here’s how PASDAQ® has helped clients find their purpose.

Obviously, confidentiality is at the heart of all the work we do, so we can never repeat a client’s comments. Of the many thousands of clients who have completed PASDAQ® several have spoken about the outcome in ways that we can quote without giving any clues to their identity. A few of these are shown below.


Exceptionally bright 43 year mother old bored by repetitive admin. What should she do?

“I felt like a permanent assistant but knew I could be a leader. PASDAQ® is a thoughtful mirror. It showed my good side was capable of more than my not-so-good side kept telling me. I lacked confidence because I was too risk-averse. A programme put determination into my mind and bravery into my heart. I now manage a business three times the size of the one I was formerly part of. Thank you, PASDAQ®.”


Good University results but emotionally immature late 20’s needed stimulating job: 

Actually what was needed was to arouse my curiosity. The smorgasbord of possibilities was overwhelming – a menu too far. Focus sounded limiting – chained to a desk. PASDAQ® taught me that a maturing period of ‘growing up’ while earning and learning would open my eyes to possibilities I had never imagined.”


My education was all criticism and judgement. My bosses to date (I’m nearly 50) blamed me for failings that were theirs. I hated too many people, myself included. 

“My guilt-ridden upbringing wouldn’t let me go. PASDAQ® showed me that it was only a matter of better judgement and that vital first step. I learned to read people more sharply, took the risks, stood firm over a matter of principle. People now come to me for guidance on how to master feelings of inadequacy. I feel free.”


Early thirties, lost and bored, with responsibilities to children and parents: 

My feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands on me for the rest of my life was successfully overturned by learning who I really am – and accepting it as satisfactory, not perfect. My limitations don’t prevent me from being as capable as PASDAQ® let me see I can be. My ambitions are not selfish if I direct them to helping others, too.”


Freedom is more than being able to say what you think. It is fitting who you are with what you must do. Everyone is capable of that.

I know because it happened to me.


Good morning

John Bittleston


To learn more about PASDAQ® please drop us a line

at [email protected]. We will send details.

29 September 2023