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To Build a Terrific Career

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

Cheong had held two jobs since he got a degree in Management Skills at Michigan, University. The first was with a Management Selection Company operating in South and Southeast Asia. He had done well but preferred human contact and selection work to selling, which he found a bit oppressive. His latest job was with a high-tech company. He had learnt a lot but wanted to move to a business where the employees were given wider responsibilities.

When he came to us at age 30 we asked him what his objective was. He said ‘to make enough money to get married and have two or three children’. He had no expectations of money from his parents. They were not rich and he would support them when they got old.

His career objective was to become the head of HR in a major company. The jobs he had already had were intended to prepare him for this. We tested him for his ability to read people and for his creativity. You need both of these skills to be a good HR manager. He was only average at reading people and his creativity was even a little below that. He did five 90-minute sessions with us to improve them both and the results were excellent.

We got him to list the companies he thought he wanted to work for. They were a diverse group. We helped him prepare an approach to each of the sixteen most likely employers. He used his developing network to learn more about these companies and to establish who were the right influential people in them. His approach was carefully crafted.

He got five interviews and two immediate job offers. A third job offer seemed likely in the not too distant future. His salary + bonus increased by 35%. His chances of reaching the top HR job within the next five years improved significantly. He was so pleased with the result that he completed the PASDAQ® to learn more about himself.

PASDAQ® = Personality, Abilities, Skills, Dreams, Ambitions, Qualifications

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