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To Lead Powerfully

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

Meiling came to Terrific Mentors saying she was feeling overwhelmed. She had earlier been heading regional sales of a fast-paced Financial Services firm and had recently been promoted to a much larger role at the Global HQ of the firm. She approached this elevated role in the same way that she had handled her earlier team – driving hard, focused entirely on results, leading from the front.

This meant she was now working longer hours to handle a larger number of people reporting to her, traveling across the globe to do so. Despite that, results were inconsistent and a few team members resigned, adding hiring to her already overburdened workday. There were uncomfortable political undercurrents at HQ – all this plus the stress of relocating the family to the new country. When we first met, she was in tears.

Using a combination of questions, discussions and our personally curated role-plays, the sessions put her through several different scenarios. Eventually she realized that, at her level, she needed to focus on people in a very different way than she had previously. It was less about working longer and more about figuring out what really mattered. Crucially it involved listening more, engaging more, partnering more – and letting go.

Learning this was cathartic for Meiling, she felt lighter and more optimistic. Making what she learned work was another matter altogether. It felt alien to her initially but she bravely stuck to it. With each session she seemed to grow in stature. Her visibility within the industry increased as she had more mental bandwidth.

She and her direct reports had developed a more trusting relationship that helped to boost morale across the team. She realized she didn’t have to have all the answers, but she did need to ask the right questions.

> Discover how asking questions and how you handle yourself or others can help you be a better leader